Our Mission

The Pine View Association, working with the Pine View community, supports and advances the excellence of Pine View School.

School supplies displayed atop a wood table

The PVA strives to enhance and enrich Pine View students’ school experience by supporting the school’s academic, social, fine arts and technology objectives. The PVA encourages volunteerism, raises and disburses funds, promotes communication and cooperation with the school, provides input to the school on issues of concern to parents and supports gifted advocacy issues on a local and statewide basis.

PVA’s action Plan…

We support Pine View in every way you can imagine. We plan events for Pine View’s kids, parents, and teachers. We run the school store. We help our kids celebrate their good grades, effort, and achievement every quarter.

We Fund Opportunity

In addition, through the support of our wonderful and involved parents, PVA grants funding requests to our classes and clubs, as well as other departments on campus, such as guidance, health, and the media center, to help them provide those extra special programs that make Pine View such an amazing place to go to school.

The PVA Board Meetings Minutes

Click here to access the Google Folder with the files.

The PVA By-Laws

These are the current BY-LAWS for Pine View Association.