President’s Message

A few words from the President of the Pine View Association.

School supplies displayed atop a wood table

Dear Pine View Families,

PVA President image

A weathered sign in my kitchen proclaims a gentle reminder to my family:
There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.

To me, it is one of life’s great lessons. Whether it’s a good day, a not-so-good day, or we’re living through a pandemic, there is always something to be grateful for. As we enter into this most unusual season of thanksgiving, this lesson rings truer than ever to me and, I hope, to the Pine View community.

There is so much at Pine View for which to be thankful! So, this month:

We give thanks to our amazing PV teachers and staff, whose passion, energy, and tireless devotion to our children is the gift that will keep on giving throughout their lives. We know how hard you are working, and we are so grateful.

We give thanks to our wonderful Pine View community for their support of ReadAThon 2020. Special thanks to our devoted and determined ReadAThon chair, Priya Acharya, who took ReadAthon virtual, and to the next level, during a time of unprecedented challenges. Well done, Priya and Pine View!

We give thanks to everyone who supported our teachers through P.A.C.E., which raised more than $30,000 that will go directly into the classrooms you chose. Thanks also to our wonderful P.A.C.E. chairs, Jill Creevy & Jill Middleton, who in their last of many years chairing this program, surely went out with a bang!

We give thanks to all of our amazing Pine View families, who have pulled together and made this school year work in whatever way is best for them. Whether your children are on-campus or remote, we see you and we appreciate your resilience and flexibility!

We give thanks for Pine View – a place where everyone is different, so no one is. A place where students can be who they are, are celebrated for their gifts, and are both encouraged, and expected, to let their lights shine.

And, if you will indulge me, in this season of giving thanks, and my last year as a PV parent, I give thanks to the amazing PVA parents I have the pleasure of working with every day – like Susan Harris, Woomee Yu, Lisa Stern, Bridget Hannon, Ben Turoff, Latha Rengarajan, Anne Copsey and so many others – who give so much of themselves, both to me and to Pine View. Finally, I give thanks for the greatest blessings of my life: my wonderful husband, John, who I met in math class at Pine View when I was ten years old, and our spectacular boys, Jack & Ben. These three guys make my world go ‘round.

I hope that you celebrate the blessings in your own life and wish your families a very happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe and be well, Pine View!

– Karen