Legacy Garden

A Tribute To Pine View’s Great Legacies

School supplies displayed atop a wood table

Pine View’s Quad is the center of our school.

It is where all points of the campus converge. A place that unites all 3 schools, uniting one Pine View Campus.
The center that breathes life into students and inspires creativity before they head into classrooms each day.
It is a place for students to gather and socialize, for clubs to meet, outdoor classrooms to learn.
Take a walk through the Quad and one can sense the source of tremendous, good energy. It is where the fair is held, school-wide simulations done, jazz is heard playing under the stars, and the host of many Senior pranks.
The heartbeat of Pine View is felt in that Quad.
Just as it had been felt 50 years ago among the picnic tables at the old pine and portable campus on Euclid Avenue.

The entire school has undergone extensive facilities revamping. We would like to see this restoration and facilities facelift be extended to our Quad.

At Pine View, we’ve been accustomed to having an open campus. Recently, we have seen the hard fortification of our schools for protection (in the form of fencing and glassed reception area) we propose to soften and beautify the inside of campus to make it an aesthetically inviting place for students and PV families to gather together. With the ongoing construction, unfortunately many of our gardens have been affected. Notably impacted are a few that were planted to honor our beloved mentors who have bestowed a life-surpassing gift of great impact on this educational institution. Left a legacy.

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants. – Isaac Newton

Fifty years of giants! And in celebration of our 50th Anniversary, we are excited to introduce the concept of Pine View’s Legacy Garden, a tribute to some of the legendary giants of our PV family….
Jack Woolever, Sol Malinsky, Tom Krause, Irene Barylski, Jim Flynn, Bernice Brenner, Nancy Gadsby,
Martha Powell, Jackie McCormick, Linda Janoff, Judith Perpente, Linda Trigg, Chris Resh, Downey Dutterer,
Mary “Beth” Bloechl, Clyde Burrows, Janet Overstreet, A.Q. Smith…

This plan, designed and donated by award-winning landscape architect Michael Gilkey, has considered the culture of our school and our architectural design (by our own PV family: Florida / Caribbean Architect Carl Abbott)
It is a collaborative effort with construction management from Nick Ferguson as this project’s lead. The focal point will be an architecturally sculpted serpentine wall that winds its way through native Florida plantings, flowering trees, and a butterfly garden, offering a space for students to sit with one another.
Additional featured spaces are currently being planned. We are excited to announce this project and look forward to our Pine View community’s support.

Please contact Jenna Molinaro or Patti Gerlek for more information on how to support the garden.