Principal’s Message

A message from our principal.

School supplies displayed atop a wood table

Dear Pine View School students, parents, faculty, staff, and friends:

Our traditional back-to-school letter to families and students is a bit different this year.  There is still the welcoming of new faces on campus, new student welcomes, embracing our new-to-Pine View families and friends, and the myriad celebrations of our amazing students’ achievements.  In addition, though, we are having to address concerns about COVID19, remote learning, social-distancing, attending to our students’ social and emotional well-being through a pandemic, and how to inform, train, and support everyone as we get a new year started in a very different way.  If any community can do it- Pine View can! 😊

We recently posted our PV Return to Learn plan on the school website, and sent a link out to all families, and ask that you please, carefully review and consider all the materials provided.  The plan also includes hyperlinks to videos and materials provided by the district in their Return to Work and Return to Learn plans from the main district website.  There are training and informational videos about instruction, personal protective equipment, safety, and contact tracing.  The entire district has been tirelessly working to attend to the many details of safely and appropriately preparing to re-open our schools- both brick and mortar and for remote learners.  Although the pandemic has impacted what we wear, and how close we physically are to others, it has not changed our tradition of excellence and our commitment to providing everything our gifted students need to be successful and achieve at the highest levels.  We have amazing faculty and staff members who are devoted to meeting every students’ needs; instructionally, socially, and emotionally.  “Individually, we are one drop, but together, we are an ocean!”

In spite of the many challenges teaching and learning in the midst of a pandemic can present, we will support one another and get through this together!  During the 4th quarter of last year, everyone heard me encourage our teachers to show grace and compassion over grades, and they supported our students and did an amazing job.  As we prepare to open this school year, we ask for everyone to still show that grace and compassion to one another, and be patient as we all learn new routines, new ways of conducting business, and sharing information, materials, and support.  Our objective is for every student to be supported and to receive the educational experiences which meet their needs as gifted learners, and that drive has galvanized our faculty and community to work together to make that happen as safely as possible.  From bus drivers, to custodians, to groundskeepers, students, teachers, parents, and support staff- we are all working to make this year a success for our students!

Our commitment is that we will communicate and share information, support, and everything we can to help our students and teachers have a successful year.  Thank you, in advance, and we look forward to a successful year- continuing our Pine View tradition of excellence!


Dr. Stephen P. Covert